C'MON! Board a bus with us & let's go on a Beer Tour! HOme of Nick & Robin's Excellent Beer Adventure!!
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About Us

Sometimes the best ideas come about when you’re trying not to think.

So, it happened with Beer Tours USA.  Just a couple of guys, Robin and Nick, hanging out by the pool, enjoying a warm summer day, and a few ice cold, refreshing brews, made in the USA.

During a casual conversation about our tireless quest to promote “Beer Awareness,” we wondered, “Wouldn’t it be a blast to tour all of the small craft breweries in the United States?  And wouldn’t it be even more fun to bring the party with us?”

The enthusiasm for our idea grew, and the result is Beer Tours USA.  We're the original national craft brewery tour company. 

We create prepackaged beer tours to home-grown, American-owned craft breweries and brew pubs across the United States.  People from unique backgrounds with different stories board a motor coach to indulge in a 2-day event of one thing they all appreciate – a love for great American craft beer.

Why?  Because it’s fun, of course!  We are passionate about supporting and promoting the outstanding quality of beer brewed in American-owned breweries, to promote “Beer Awareness” so to speak.  So, as craft beer aficionados, we have now made it our mission to introduce as many people as possible to this genuine American-made industry.

These days, even very popular domestic beers with iconic American symbols are not owned by Americans.  The profits from these beer sales leave our country.    

However, hundreds of small American-owned breweries have perfected the art of creating high quality, great tasting brews.  We show how Americans can buy American, support our economy with jobs for American workers and encourage American entrepreneurs.

C’mon, be Bold…be Proud…become a Beer Patriot!

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