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We love to help  others just as much as we love to have fun! LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW WE GIVE BACK TO OUR NEIGHBORS.
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Charitable Giving

We at Beer Tours USA are privileged with the freedom and ability to do what we love and have so much fun doing it.  But we know that not everyone is as fortunate.

There are many people and organizations in our land who would appreciate our support to help make our country a better place.  Our efforts, no matter how large or small, make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Beer Tours USA is committed to giving back through our program of charitable giving.  Below is a list of our recent donations, both monetary and in kind.

The Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides information, resources, and support to prospective cochlear implant recipients and their families. A cochlear implant is a life-changing device that converts sound into electrical impulses that the brain can interpret, making it possible for many hearing impaired individuals to hear once again.

The Springfield Ski Club is a non-profit social organization that offer activities year-round in addition to regular ski trips in the United States and abroad. Members enjoy access to sporting events, travel opportunities, and other social outings throughout the year, in addition to monthly "Happy Hour" gatherings and annual holiday parties.

Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP) exists to honor and empower Wounded Warriors who incur service-connected wounds, injuries, and illnesses on or after September 11, 2001. With advancements in battlefield medicine and body armor, an unprecedented percentage of service members are surviving severe wounds or injuries. For every US soldier killed in World Wars I and II, there were 1.7 soldiers wounded. In Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, for every US soldier killed, seven are wounded.


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Charitable Giving

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